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Generator Maintenance Required Before Pre-commissioning Checks

October 14, 2015

Latest company news about Generator Maintenance Required Before Pre-commissioning Checks

       Generator repair damage : Check the unit and its ancillary equipment after leaving the factory , are there signs of damage due to transportation, handling , installation / storage caused such damage may be due to corrosion caused by accident or carelessness , all of which are subject to damage recorded. If such damage can not be repaired and affect unit operation , the debugger must be postponed.
Fix: After repairs are completed, must be fully checked to ensure that it fully completed , the unit can be re- commissioning.

      Foundation: Check the base via a generator / engine , confirmed the unit level, the unit checks must be carried out after the shock device according to the user manual installed.
Generator repair exhaust system : exhaust system should correct connection, properly secured and supported by the exhaust system is usually a bellows isolate engine vibration , they may be tightly into the engine exhaust manifold and linked. Special attention should be an exhaust gas outlet , ensuring safe discharge of smoke , and not sucked back into the room and the ventilation system, exhaust system and distribute the heat generated should also be considered , in particular, requires a non-flammable material on the fixed times , the exhaust system needs to be appropriate wrapped to prevent problems caused by heat dissipation .

       Lubricants: Engine oil tank and with any other system , should the correct grade of oil infusion to the desired level , it is equally applicable to any gear or gear box mounted there .

Coolant : cooling system , unless cooled , added with the level required to be correct filling brand antifreeze coolant , unless otherwise indicated , the coolant should contain 30-33 % antifreeze , the remainder being water , the cooling system Note that when filling the air lock to prevent the phenomenon .

     Generator maintenance oil system : the tank should be filled or partially filled the correct grade of oil to ensure that the oil is not expected contaminated water or dirt , supply / return oil pipe and all pipe joints shall be checked for leaks and blockages , should be placed in the fuel tank to the engine oil to meet the requirements of the position , i.e., without being excessively high oil pressure or the tip end in the negative oil pump to enhance the ability of any possible agglutination of the air in the oil system , before starting should be discharged , if the oil monitoring system is installed , it should be tested / or correction .

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