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Generator Rental and Air Compressor Rental Market

October 14, 2015

Latest company news about Generator Rental and Air Compressor Rental Market

       In this era of rapid economic development of China , under a variety of power supply and a serious shortage of power equipment , air compressor generator breeding a group of leasing companies , foreign Delays Delays have also overlooking a large potential market and this and China .


       Currently generator rental and air compressor rental market is not standardized , the market is chaotic , mainly reflected in : (1) advertising market , network promotion market is not standardized , chaotic boast their strength , for example, certain individuals or small companies, does not have equipment on one or two people on the Internet to send some false news , or post some of the untrue advertising , the contract Piandao Shou , then go to other companies sublease powerful device . 2 . Market supervision is not in place , the leased equipment is no department supervision, unlike the car to be examined each year , resulting in a number of small companies with a scrapped unit acts as a good crew to deceive customers, confuse the market at low prices , equipment problems final victims are the lessee . How to identify whether the company has the strength ? 1, see the registered capital ; 2 , see machinery and equipment ; 3, see service team and service network. Power to decide whether to assume responsibility , forget leasing customers Reflection for ! !


      Now in this generator rental air compressor rental industry handful of not a few , Tweetie company does in the rental market is a strength of the company. I worked at this company ten years , accompanied by the company's growth , from the original service started to do , and now has more than 200 sets of imported generator rental and more than 100 sets of air compressors can provide lease, in addition to its own modern generator and air compressor production facility , is a step by step down to earth came to be. Throughout the course of development over the foreign service , large state enterprises , private enterprises , etc., there is no one to make things happen dissatisfied companies , each company have been received.

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