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How to choose the diesel generator

October 14, 2015

Latest company news about How to choose the diesel generator

       Some diesel generator set to a long period of time or frequently carried out continuously, as a common electrical load power supply, commonly known type of turbine generators.

       Used generator sets can be used as common unit and the standby unit. Away from large grid towns, islands, forestry, mining, oil and other regions or the mining industry, in order to supply local residents plant health and life electricity, you need to install diesel generators, such generators usually should be uninterrupted. Defense engineering, communications hub, radio, microwave relay stations and other important facilities, shall be provided with standby diesel generator sets. Such facilities can usually mains electricity supply grid.

       However, due to earthquakes, typhoons, and other natural disasters, war or human factors, so that the destruction of the city grid power outage after the standby unit has been set should start quickly and stick long-term continuous manner, to ensure that these important projects for electricity continuous power supply to the load, this group also belong to the standby generators used generator type. Used generator sets continued to work long hours, the load curve larger unit capacity, number of units, type selection and control units and emergency units of different ways.

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