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LM142FA boat sprinkler, your little helper is coming!

January 2, 2018



Firstly, four-stroke low consumption of strong power (big effort)

LM142FA boat shape irrigation machine, the engine adopts Japanese technology carburetor, the old two-stroke machine use gasoline,and it has a high-cost feature.,besides, it also need to mix the oil mixture, generally ,it will consume a bottle of oil about one week, a bottle of oil needs 40-60 yuan .However,the New four-stroke engine just need a bottle of oil per year, it can save 500 yuan for one year.

After two-stroke machine’s oil runs out, it needs to add according to a certain proportion. Once the matching ratio is wrong, the internal structure of the machine will suffer damage, which will seriously affect the life of the machine. But this model is a four-stroke gasoline engine, the oil and gasoline are added separately, what it need is four-stroke oil and pure gasoline, rather than mixed oil, no pull cylinder, high efficiency, better stability.


Secondly, the compact structure and Light weight (small body)

This product has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, long-lasting. The total weight of is only 11kg. Pump body with lightweight wear-resistant materials, long service life; metal handle and full frame protection to ensure that the pump still has extraordinary performance in the harshest conditions. This boat shape pump not only can be pumped to the crop fixedly, but also can be move arbitrarily to watering to crops and flowers floating on the water.


Thirdly,distant pump lift and big flow (be full of connotation)

The pump body is easy to lift very high and the jet diameter reaches about 15 meters with a 1.5-inch water outlet. At the same time, the flow achieves 12m³/h, it is easy to support long-distance operation, and suitable for vegetable gardens, vineyards, banana garden, sugar cane, mountain slopes, fire and so on.


Fourthly , easy to operate and move and flexible

The outlet conduit and water inlet of the pump are respectively installed on the ship's bow and the groove at the bottom of the hull. The power unit is connected to the water leaf of the water pump, you just need to float the pump on the water after starting the button and pull the water belt to carry on your work. (Tips: To prevent the water seal burned out, it should be avoid to work on land without water for long periods of time).


Fifthly, long warranty and replaced conveniently (very reliable)

We provide you one year warranty , if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service, we will sincerity provide you the best after-sales service. The four-stroke engines of boat shape sprinklers are economical and environmental, and they are the most commonly used , are easy to be maintained and replaced, and they are easy find Collective accessories.


LM142FA of Laurel, The foundation of honesty , professional farm sprinkler gasoline pump, your good agricultural helper!


Little helpers are waiting for you to take it home !


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